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for female founders.
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WomenX Impact Startup Competition

The WomenX Impact Startup Competition was created to enable startups founded by women or who have at least one women on their board:

  • to live a unique experience of growth and comparison in front of an energetic and passionate audience
  • to expand and consolidate their network, while coming into contact with a prestigious panel of judges.

Are you a female founder? 

Are you part of an all-female team leadership team that is already established with a product/service on the market or will be in the next 6 months? 

Is there at least one woman on the Board of your start-up?

Apply for the WomenX Impact Startup Competition. We are excited to learn about your venture!


1) All startups founded by a woman or in which there is at least one woman on the board are eligible to participate.

2) All established companies with a product or service that is already being commercialized or will be commercialized within the next 6 months are eligible to participate.

3) All startups that fall into at least one of the following categories are eligible to participate:

  • Lifestyle Technologies (Fashion Travel – Food – Design – Influencer Marketing)
  • Sustainable & Circular Economy
  • EdTech
  • Health & Fitness
  • Fintech & Insurtech

The WomenX Startup Competition is supported by our Main Sponsor 

Eni Logo Startup

and in partnership with 

The awards for the winner

Eni Special Award

The prize awarded to the Winning Startup will give access to the Joule Community; an ecosystem of startups, industry experts, faculty and partners 

and will include:

Exclusive participation in one of the training workshops created by Joule, Eni’s School for Enterprise, in collaboration with partner business schools, aimed at acquiring skills and testing innovative methodologies for sustainable startups

Mentorship meetings with Eni Experts specialized on vertical areas to guide the startup on strategic and growth aspects

Feedel Ventures Special Award

6 Month program in the startup studio Feedel Ventures, valued at €75,000 between investment in the startup, reimbursement of expenses for the entrepreneur and services of the studio

Access to the network and service network of Feedel Ventures.

InnovUp Special Award

✓ Free membership to InnovUp for 12 months in the Scaleup category

✓ Free membership to InnovUp for 12 months in the Startup Seed category

Meet the Jury

on the Jury, to declare the winning Startup, participate:

Valentina Raule

Startup Acceleration Specialist

Eni Joule

Eni_Valentina Raule

Domenica Surace

Head of Impact assessment, Monitoring & Reporting @ Eni Joule

Eni Joule

Eni_Domenica Surace

Vittorio Martinelli

Managing Director & MSD Division Manager


Vittorio Martinelli

Mattia Farci

HR Business Partner & Communication Manager


Olympus_Mattia Farci

Cristina Angelillo

CEO & Co-Founder @ Marshmallow Games, Presidente @ InnovUp


Innovup_Cristina Angelillo

Valentina Casella

Partner @ Casella e Associati

Casella e Associati

Valentina Casella

Luca Pignatti


Feedel Ventures

Luca Pignatti

Victoria Citterio-Soelle

Partnership & Ecosystem Lead @ Feedel Ventures | Managing Director @ Sölle Homes

Feedel Ventures

Victoria Citterio-Soelle

Jacqueline Ruedin-Rüsch

Founding General Manager

Privilege Ventures

Jacqueline Ruedin-Rüsch

Alec Ross

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Bologna Business School

KL Politisk topm¯de 2017 
Keynote speech ved Alec Ross, teknologipo- litisk ekspert og tidligere innovationsra?dgiver for Hillary Clinton.
Dato: 16.03.17
Foto: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.

Lorenza Morandini

Board member & Managing Director



Silvia Pugi

Direttore CSR


Silvia Pugi2

Davide Scafuro

Co-Founder I Startup's Mentor & Investor


scafuro (1)

Maria Chiara Scafuro

Co-Founder | Startup's Mentor & Investor



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