Veroniek Vermeulen

Founder @ Silatha

Speaking Sessions

November 19, 202111:30


Veroniek’s journey began in 2012 when she took time out from a successful career in senior corporate management, for a trip to Nepal. ‘I had reached all I wanted in life, I had so to say ‘ticked all the boxes’ but I didn’t feel happy or fulfilled. Then I realised that it weren’t my boxes I had ticked, but what I though society demanded from me. Life had led me, instead of me leading my life. I wanted to regain my power and consciously lead my life,’ she explains.

Her Himalayan adventure introduced her to the breath-focusing techniques of meditation, the unforgettable experience of paragliding at high altitude and a life-changing realization. ‘There, I felt what it meant to be in the present moment. We are so busy and preoccupied that we spend half of our time thinking about the past or future, rather than being in the moment. I understood how meditation enables inner-strength and confidence. This gave me the motivation to transform the way I live my life and a new journey began.’
After retreats in Europe with a teacher, trained by the Dalai Lama’s teacher, she returned at her happiest yet. ‘I felt a glow coming from inside of me that ’d never felt before and I understood the power of meditation. I realised in our modern Western lives we never have enough, there’s always more to desire and it is, by nature, deeply unfulfilling. Meditation offers an alternative, connecting inwards.

Veroniek continued her learning with retreats in monasteries in Vietnam, Japan and Myanmar. Every time I came closer to myself. But I couldn’t find a way to build a lasting habit in my day to day life. I tried different meditation apps, but they didn’t help me to build that routine and none of them were answering my specific needs as a woman. So I developed my own habit-forming meditation app, that empowers women with confidence and inner strength, through guided meditations tailored towards her needs.