Silvia Buttini

Co-Founder @ Personal Style Branding | HR & Training Consultant | Career Coach

Speaking Sessions


I love to explore companies or individuals’ needs, requirements and requests.

In doing so, I ask questions, listen, interpret answers.

I develop projects (from searching and selecting Top Managers to building an effective training course) and I ask for feedback. Because feedback allows me to improve and personalize my activities, as if they were tailored suits.

I love People and, as a Career Coach, I assist and support my clients in identifying and becoming aware of their characteristics, abilities and attitudes, stimulating them to find the resources they need to achieve their professional goals.

My love for Human Resources grew over time.

After studying Sociology and Public Relations at university and completing two Masters in Event Organization and Social Media Marketing, I worked for 15 years in various B2B companies, as Head of Communication and Marketing, until a training course in HR Management and Development changed my professional career.

Today I search, read and compare data about Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Management, Generational Coexistence and Leadership.  I love to create new projects that can help companies grow and to help individual professionals to become more aware of their uniqueness.