Sara Malaguti

Digital Strategist and Founder @ Flowerista – Digital Ecosystem

Speaking Sessions

November 18, 202109:15


Long time Internet enthousiast, in 2017 she started a creativity and lifestyle blog: Flowerista.it

That was the beginning of a life change, leading her to leave a career in international finance to move to digital marketing.

In a world full of miracle recipes and extremely self-confident professionals, she decided to go in a slightly different, data-driven direction. A direction dictated by empathy, embracing all those who have heard at least once in their lives that “creativity doesn’t pay the bills“.

Nowadays Flowerista is a reference point for creatives and freelancers who want to promote themselves online without “shouting”.

She strongly believes in combining different disciplines and skills: graduating first in Literature and then in Economics, she went from a job in finance as an employee to a digital job as an entrepreneur. 

In her day-by-day life, she tries to bring some of the successful practices that she learned during her experience in the Italian Stock Exchange and alongside the best companies in the country to niches traditionally far from the logic of profit. In fact, driving creativity into rigid and formal environments has always been her priority.

In her opinion, pushing boundaries is the greatest achievement in digital innovation