Ilaria Iaquinta

Editor-in-Chief @ LC Publishing Group & Iberian Legal Group

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Ilaria Iaquinta is the editor-in-chief of LC Publishing Group’s publications, an international digital publishing group specialized in the legal sector (both law firms and in-house lawyers), finance and food, focusing on promotions and exits, industry trends, operations and key players in the reference markets. Since joining LC, she manages Inhousecommunity.it – a digital magazine focusing on internal lawyers, corporate lawyers and on the evolution of their profession in Italy – and curates the contents of the in-house section and the MAG’s diversity column “Diverso sarà lei”. She is also the host of the Diversity Awards that the LC Publishing Group organizes every year in Milan.

Ilaria is also editor-in-chief of the Group’s Iberian and Latam publications (Iberian Lawyer and The Latin American Lawyer) as well as the international ones launched directly by LC Publishing Group, such as Legalcommunity.ch and InhousecommunityUS.com.