Whatsapp Marketing and Women Power: life stories and tips

November 18, 202114:30Workshop - Marketing & Communication

WhatsApp is the most used messaging service in the world and it represents a very important opportunity for both freelancers and companies. WhatsApp’s use as a business communication channel is still little explored, but being among the first people to do so could prove to be a success in any target market. In this workshop, the attendees will learn how to turn WhatsApp into a powerful business tool.

Key Points

  • How to create successful campaigns and meaningful relationships
  • How to integrate WhatsApp in a broader digital strategy
  • WhatsApp for business' benefits
  • Updates and useful features for the future


Alessandra Gallucci

WhatsApp Marketing Expert

Maria Rosaria Gallucci

WhatsApp Marketing Expert

Event Info

  • Day 1
  • 14:30 - 15:15
  • Workshop
  • Marketing & Communication