The Change Manager’s role in companies and more

November 18, 202116:00Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship

Digital transformation can generate a positive impact on companies and on their relational and production systems, but only if this process is accompanied by an authentic change in their corporate culture.
A workshop that combines design and managing to analyze the three fundamental principles of Change Management – people, process and platform – and teach how to ride the waves of change brought by innovation.

Key Points

  • The role of innovation and the Italian ecosystem
  • How to manage Change
  • The three principles of Change Management
  • Change managing and user experience design for business and cultural impact
  • How to select strategies and redesign the organization
  • How to explore new corporate digital skills
  • Case studies and practical tools


Eleonora Brignoli

Digital Marketing Manager @ Cariplo Factory

Gloria Chiocci

UX Designer @Huware | Blogger Nòva100 @IlSole24Ore

Event Info

  • Day 1
  • 16:00 - 16:45
  • Workshop
  • Business & Entrepreneurship