Incomplete or just young? How to transform your non-linear path into one of your professional strengths

November 20, 202110:20HR & Carreer Development

When you are young, you may feel judged and have the feeling that there is no place for you in society, that no job will ever fulfill you.

Only later you will realize that most of these thoughts are not objective: you can’t make an assessment after two years but in ten or more, and when ten years are just half your life, you may think that nothing ever changes. Or that it changes too quickly.

From the outside, those who should help you are ot able to do so: study and career counseling are in fact a weakness in the Italian education system. In addition to the typical uncertainties of your young age, you also live in a precarious world, unable to give you role models or mentors to follow.

In this scenario, here comes my story. I am a millennial who grew up in the 90s, lulled by the “degree = job” promise. A promise that in the early 2000s remained, well, a promise.

But my story isn’t about disappointments and regrets, quite the contrary. My story is a story of redemption, the story of a person born and raised in a rural area then later traveled and lived in Japan. The story of the first person who graduated and got a PHD in her family. It’s a non-linear study path that I first feared and then loved, a path that without which I wouldn’t have now the sensitivity necessary to work in post-graduate training in various business schools in Milan. A job that I love but that I would never have imagined in my twenties.

In giving tools to boys and girls to choose their path, the uncertainties of the past have become my strength and their curiosity is my biggest source of inspiration.

That’s why in January 2020 I created @fabianamanager, the TikTok profile of a working woman giving concrete advice to young people eager to enter the world of work, without losing authority but learning to use the right language. Since May 2020, @fabianamanager is also on IG with a community of over 40 thousand people.

Social media are made up of people and, when they become an opportunity for discussion and dialogue, they help to raise a new awareness. The idea that I want to share is that ideal jobs don’t exist – the only job you should have is the one that matches your lifestyle, and that changing is never a failure. 



Fabiana Andreani

Senior Training manager and Content creator

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