Mindset shift: how to train your mind to become a successful entrepreneur

November 18, 202110:00Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship

A practical workshop to explore all the steps of the entrepreneurial journey, starting from your corporate experience.

Three fundamental characteristics and attitudes will allow you to make a real mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur and to constantly improve your mentality over time despite all obstacles and difficulties.

Key Points

  • Courage: how to find courage and change a situation you have been waiting to change for a long time
  • Trust: how to believe in yourself when the results are not showing and everything seems incredibly difficult
  • Motivation and determination: how to build these two key factors in order to find the strength to achieve your dreams


Carolina Daunisi

Business Mentor | Founder @ CD Impact Management

Event Info

  • Day 1
  • 10:00 - 10:45
  • Workshop
  • Business & Entrepreneurship