Creativity has no gender (nor ethnicity, age or religion)

November 20, 202115:20Panel - Media & Communication

In this panel, members of the Italian Art Director’s Club will share their opinions and thoughts on talent, creativity and diversity. Communication professionals know very well their job “speaks” for them. Thta’s why we hope that in companies, agencies and in “control rooms” of any kind, creativity will be heard and rewarded regardless of the sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion of those who generated it.


Alessandro Allocca

Journalist @ la Repubblica

Fiorella Passoni

CEO @ Edelman Italia

Maurizio Tozzini

Executive Creative Director @ The Story Lab

Valentina Amenta

Deputy Executive Creative Director @ Caffeina

Vicky Gitto

President @ Art Directors Club Italiano | Founder & Executive Creative Director @ Gitto/Battaglia_22

Event Info

  • Day 3
  • 15:20 - 16:00
  • Stage 1
  • Panel - Media & Communication