The power of mentoring: why having a ‘sidekick’ is essential

November 18, 202115:00Professional Development

Starting from a similarity with the world of comedy, where the ‘sidekick’ is sometimes as important as the protagonist for a successful show, we will analyze how in many life and career moments it is fundamental, especially for women, to know a person who listens, helps us think and see some situations and behaviors from other viewpoints. A person that encourages us and allows us to be a little more indulgent with ourselves.

This will lead us to reflect on the importance of having a mentor and on how to choose and develop a relationship with him or her in order to create growth opportunities for both mentors and mentees.


Marta Nappo

Marketing & Communication Director @ IVECO ASIA

Event Info

  • Day 1
  • 15:00 - 15:20
  • Stage 2
  • Professional Development