Human to human: the change you did not expect

November 18, 202112:40Education

Many people are not fully aware of it and many others may not even experience it as a problem, but we are submerging ourselves more and more in a society unable to accept and cultivate empathy.

Instead, we tend to belittle empathy, considering it as a synonym of weakness. Many people hide their opinion about it, simply repressing this very important human feeling.

But when did things start to change? Why is true empathy rarer than even while hypocrisy and contradiction are on the rise? 

In her speech, Valentina will recall the most important moments of her professional career, moments that led her to discover, understand and welcome this aspect of her character, later transforming it into her source of strength and inspiration.

We will have an honest talk about empathy, “the art of understanding emotions”. Human to Human, as the title suggests.


Valentina Gherardi

Head of Marketing and Communications @ BEBS - Barcelona Executive Business School

Event Info

  • Day 1
  • 12:40 - 13:00
  • Stage 2
  • Education