Diversity & Inclusion: the importance of visual representation and corporate social responsibility

November 20, 202115:40Media & Communication

In our society, appearance is so important that images end up counting more than words. The main responsibilities of this excessive diffusion of visual contents are the brands, which use digital platforms to sell their products. Images that rarely feature women in leadership roles, non-white people, disabled peoples, non-compliant bodies.

In this talk, Giorgia Coltella will explain how representation influences the reality and the lives of discriminated communities and how brands can play a key role in conveying inclusive messages through social media and artificial intelligence. Because everyone has the right to have their own identity and the right to be represented in order to fully express their potential.


Giorgia Coltella

CEO @ Gradient

Event Info

  • Day 3
  • 15:40 - 16:00
  • Stage 2
  • Media & Communication