How to write a successful CV: identify your value and learn to communicate it

November 20, 202112:30Workshop - HR & Career

CVs are very powerful marketing tools: they highlight your real or potential skills and teach you to speak about yourself in the right way.

In this workshop you will learn to identify your most important skills, to understand what others see in you, to get the reader’s attention and to hold it down to the last line to reach your final goal: an interview with the recruiters. Because a successful CV is not just about your skills: it is about your life and your interests.

Note: Participants will be able to bring or send in advance a copy of their CV for a review during the session.


Key Points

  • Not a report, nor a self-certification: understanding the true purpose of a successful CV
  • Six seconds to impress your recruiter
  • How to choose contents and presentation
  • How to show your skills when you have never worked or when you have done a lot of different things
  • Failure doesn't exist: how to talk (or not to talk) about change and personal problems
  • CV design in action: useful tools and templates


Fabiana Andreani

Senior Training manager and Content creator

Event Info

  • Day 3
  • 12:30 - 13:15
  • Workshop
  • HR & Career