Here is the agenda for the 2021 WomenX Impact Summit Edition!

Inside our programme you will find out the details of the Speeches of over 100 successful Italian and international speakers selected from the best experts in their field.

Outstanding professionals from all over the world working for leading companies and high level organizations such as UniCredit, Google, LinkedIn, Spotify, Nestlé, Mattel, The Kraft Heinz Company, BBC News, We Are Social, Coop Italia, Barclays, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Financial Times, DLV BBO, Discovery Inc., MBE Worldwide, Edelman Italia, Havas PR, Leroy Merlin, the European Commission and many more.

Click on the day and the room to find out more about their talks. Then click on each title to read the abstract! 

18 Nov
19 Nov
20 Nov
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Sara Malaguti
Digital Strategist and Founder @ Flowerista – Digital Ecosystem

Business’n’play: a step-by-step guide to running your new business

November 18, 202109:15Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship
Tiziana Primori
CEO @ Eataly World @ Eataly World
Martina Rogato
Sherpa and Spokesperson @ Women20

Activism, gender equality and G20: W20’s history

November 18, 202109:40Diversity & Inclusion
Carolina Daunisi
Business Mentor | Founder @ CD Impact Management

Mindset shift: how to train your mind to become a successful entrepreneur

November 18, 202110:00Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship
Alessandra Princi
Francesca Fraulini
Francesca Dellisanti
Presidentessa @ Young Women Network

#Achievemoretogether: how female communities can make a difference

November 18, 202110:20Panel - Community Management
Alessandra Montrasio
Global Marketing Communication Manager @ Nestlé

What will women leadership look like in the future?

November 18, 202110:20Food & Beverage
Margot Olifson
Head Of C2C @ eBay Italia
Michela Lodigiani
Financial and property advisor

Awareness and knowledge: two key elements to achieve complete financial independence

November 18, 202110:45Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship
Luciano Cantoni
Head of Cross Products Ads Solutions @ Google
Gloria Bertazzoni
Digital Creative Manager ex @ Universal Pictures International

Unleashing the power of online communities

November 18, 202111:00Community Management
Ilaria Pasquinelli
VP Marketing @ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Manuela D’Onofrio
Head of Group Investment Strategy @ UniCredit SpA | Joint General Manager and Head of Investments & Solutions @ Cordusio SIM

What if financial consulting was a job for women?

November 18, 202111:20Diversity & Inclusion
Laura Basili
Ilaria Cecchini
Diletta Topazio
Economist @ FAO

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

November 18, 202111:40Young & Bright
Paola Iannone
Head of Marketing & Communication @ All4labels

Learning from each challenge

November 18, 202111:40Professional Development
Erica Canaia
Sales Director @ Fimic


November 18, 202112:00Professional Development
Susanna Rosa
Luca Mastella

How to mix Purpose and Diversity in a team

November 18, 202112:15Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship
Veronica Gentili
Rossella Migliaccio
Martina Socrate
Roberta Sorge
Sabrina Cereseto
Elisa Motterle
Chiara Dal Ben

Women in Social Media: from creators to entrepreneurs and vice versa

November 18, 202112:20Panel - Entrepreneurship
Marilena Hyeraci
Eleonora Rocca
Marilena Hyeraci
Valentina Gherardi
Head of Marketing and Communications @ BEBS - Barcelona Executive Business School

Human to human: the change you did not expect

November 18, 202112:40Education

Lunch Break

November 18, 202113:00
Olga Farreras Casado
Enterprise Relationship Manager @ Linkedin

LinkedIn and the future of work for women

November 18, 202114:30Social Media
Alessandra Gallucci
WhatsApp Marketing Expert
Maria Rosaria Gallucci
WhatsApp Marketing Expert

Whatsapp Marketing and Women Power: life stories and tips

November 18, 202114:30Workshop - Marketing & Communication
Marta Nappo
Marketing & Communication Director @ IVECO ASIA

The power of mentoring: why having a ‘sidekick’ is essential

November 18, 202115:00Professional Development
Roberta Suriano
Associate Marketing Manager Dolls @ Mattel

Barbie & The Dream Gap Project: Mattel Case Study

November 18, 202115:00Diversity & Inclusion
Veronica Gentili

Personal branding: how to turn your passion into a business

November 18, 202115:15Workshop - Marketing & Communication
Virginia Tosti
Head of Growth e Co-Founder @ Start2impact

Embracing Work life integration

November 18, 202115:20Entrepreneurship
Lara Joannides
Creative Diversity Lead and Senior Journalist @ BBC

Count, Share, Change: Using data to drive cultural change

November 18, 202115:20Diversity & Inclusion
Marianna Poletti
Founder and CEO @ Just Knock

How to build a successful career in 2021

November 18, 202115:40Professional Development
Laura Corbetta
CEO @ YAM112003

The most beautiful creative idea in the world? Our life!

November 18, 202115:40Professional Development
Eleonora Brignoli
Gloria Chiocci

The Change Manager’s role in companies and more

November 18, 202116:00Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship
Annamaria Tartaglia
CEO @ TheBrandSitter | Founder @ Angels4Women
Olimpia Merlo
Sales Manager @ AWS – Amazon Web Services

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity: Amazon Web Services Case Study

November 18, 202116:00Diversity & Inclusion
Alice Morrone
Head of Omnichannel Conversion Marketing e CX @ FIND
Patrizia Bertini
Associate Director of Design @ Babylon Health

The power of (self) innovation

November 18, 202116:20Innovation
Marianna Chillau
CEO & Co-Founder @ Transactionale

Adaptability: your greatest secret weapon

November 18, 202116:40Professional Development
Dhruti Shah
Journalist @ BBC News

Ripping up the rule book

November 18, 202116:40Diversity & Inclusion
Deborah Ghisolfi
CEO @ Agile Marketing Italia

Reacting to changes is no longer enough

November 18, 202116:45Workshop - Business & Entrepreneurship
Laura Carafoli
SVP Chief Content Officer @ Discovery Italia